A title image for the evolution of athermal design blog post. The image shows John Harrison, an 18th century English clockmaker who studied the thermal expansion of materials to create the athermal "Gridiron Pendulum."

The Evolution of Athermal Design

Athermal design owes its foundations to an 18th century clockmaker’s designs. ALLVAR Alloys will help you revolutionize your design.

Telescope Hexapod Assembly with ALLVAR Alloy ultra-stable struts shown. A zoomed in image is shown on the negative CTE portion of the strut. The Words Creating the future of ultra-stable struts is shown above the image.

Creating the Future of Ultra-Stable Telescopes

The Ultra-Stable Telescope Challenge NASA’s future astrophysics mission to identify habitable planets outside our solar system, known as exoplanets, is driving the need for 10-meter

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