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If you have any questions about ALLVAR alloys, please feel to contact us at either of the following addresses or submit a comment in the form below.



James Monroe, Ph.D.
Office Phone – (979) 599-5090 ext. 700


Jay Zgarba
Phone – (979) 599-5090 ext. 702


501 Graham Rd.
College Station, TX 77845

New York
1201 E. Fayette St.
Syracuse, New York 1320

979 599-5090

Working with ALLVAR

Contact us using the project inquiry portal above! Our technical and sales teams are ready to answer any questions that you might have about using ALLVAR Alloys in your next program. We normally respond to inquiries within two business days.  

For standard round bar, tube, or washer applications, we need some basic information. Please include form factor, size, number of pieces, planned operating temperature, and any additional information in the inquiry.  

For projects that require custom parts or components, please provide a description of what you have in mind. We will follow up with you for additional information.

We can machine your parts or deliver semi-finished round bar or tube. Please visit our FAQs page or contact us above for more information on machining with ALLVAR Alloys.  

Lead times and pricing are dependent on the form, size, and volume required for the application. However, larger diameter materials normally have a higher cost and lead time, and smaller washers and material can normally be produced quickly.  

We understand that designing with negative thermal expansion ALLVAR Alloys is a new process. We created ALLVAR Alloy 30 to give scientists, engineers, and designers a new tool to solve the most difficult thermal challenges for their applications.   

At ALLVAR, we are material scientists and engineers at heart. We want nothing more than to help you solve your thermal challenges, with ALLVAR Alloy 30 or other methods. Contact us above, and we will guide you in the right direction.  

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