Our History

ALLVAR Alloys Discovered

Dr. James Monroe discovers negative coefficient of thermal expansion alloys as a graduate researcher. 

NSF I-Corps

Dr. Monroe takes part in the National Science Foundation's "business boot camp for scientists" to determine if there is a market need for negative thermal expansion materials.

ALLVAR is Founded

ALLVAR is founded to ensure negative thermal expansion alloys evolve from a scientific novelty sitting on the lab bench to useful technology for society.

High Temperature Negative CTE Discovered

Multiple candidate materials are explored to see if they are worth pursuing. ALLVAR Alloy 30 is selected and developed.

Product Market Fit

ALLVAR discovers a product market
fit for athermalization of optics at
SPIE Photonics West in January 2016.


ALLVAR Alloys are scaled from small pieces of material to round bar and tube for optics applications.

First Commercial Sales

ALLVAR Alloys officially enters the market with its first sale.

NSF TECP (Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships) ALLVAR works with expert optical designers to create the first ALLVAR enabled athermal optic proof of concept.

ALLVAR begins characterizing the long-term stability of ALLVAR Alloys in preparation for studying the use of ultra-stable struts.

Zero thermal expansion metering structures for telescopes can be achieved using negative thermal expansion ALLVAR Alloys. This prototype was built during a NASA SBIR Phase II.

ALLVAR enabled ultra-stable
struts are created in collaboration with Quartus Engineering and the University of Florida LIGO research group.

NASA SBIR Phase I for High Temperature Negative Thermal Expansion
Negative thermal expansion alloys enable zero thermal expansion and tuned thermal expansion for athermalization of optics and precision products.

ALLVAR develops a high temperature negative thermal expansion alloy - ALLVAR Alloy HT. 

Although not yet commercially available, ALLVAR Alloy HT raises the upper operating temperature of ALLVAR Alloys to 250°C.

NASA SBIR Phase I Award for Scaling Athermal Struts to Meter Lengths
Ultra Stable struts with zero thermal expansion created using negative thermal expansion ALLVAR..

ALLVAR works to scale ALLVAR Alloy athermal struts to meter+ lengths capable of supporting large telescopes and metering structures. 

ALLVAR Alloy 30 Washers integrated into Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
An annoucnemnt image titles "Unlocking the cosmos: ALLVAR's Role in the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope." The text is overlayed ontop of a digital rendering of the NGRS Telescope.

Alloy 30 washers are being integrated into the Cryogenic Thermal Subsystem that cools the Coronagraph Instrument on the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. Learn more about how ALLVAR Alloys are being used to improve thermal conductivity here.

2024 and Beyond
There are more discoveries to make.
Image reads " ALLVAR; IT'S POSSIBLE" The negative thermal expansion alloys is signified with an orange to blue fade across the icon.

In the hands of innovative researchers, designers, and engineers, ALLVAR Negative CTE Alloys are enabling novel, smaller, lighter, and more reliable designs in optics, cryogenics, scientific instrumentation, and other industries. 

We do not know what else the future may hold for ALLVAR Alloys, but we do know that after 10 years we feel stronger than ever that negative CTE alloys are much more than a scientific novelty.

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