Negative CTE. Positive results.

Revolutionize athermalization with ALLVAR Alloys, the only Negative Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Metals in the World.

Imagine for a moment that athermalizing an optical assembly could be as easy as swapping out a spacer. Improving the stability and maintaining the precise alignment of a spaceborne telescope could be achieved by  replacing the material used for  support struts. Combustion engines and petroleum pump pipelines could maintain demanding force loads despite shifting temperatures and harsh conditions with the help of a negative CTE washer replacement. Negative thermal expansion is no longer “unobtanium.” With ALLVAR Alloys, these innovative solutions to thermal expansion and contraction problems are now possible.  

ALLVAR Alloys are titanium-based alloys that can be machined into rods, struts or tubes. They are available as constant force-load washers for fasteners in temperature variant environments and are corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic and can be welded to Ti-6-4 and other ALLVAR Alloy components.  

ALLVAR Alloys  can rapidly transform the scientific novelty of tailored thermal expansion alloys into revolutionary athermalization technology. From simple washers, to ultra-stable struts, to custom designed spacers and components, ALLVAR offers a variety of negative thermal expansion products that will revolutionize the ways in which many high performing, thermally affected products are currently developed. 

In addition to offering a streamlined solution to athermalization challenges, incorporating ALLVAR Alloys into your application provides a variety of other  benefits. Swapping out a component for one made with ALLVAR Alloys can reduce the overall size, weight and number of components in an optical assembly – ultimately minimizing the time and cost of your project.  

Athermalizing your system with ALLVAR Alloys can also improve its performance in harsh environments. When tested alongside standard metals, like aluminum, Invar, and Ti-64, ALLVAR Alloy-30 can work to maintain superior image quality and focus in the face of shifting temperatures.  

ALLVAR Alloys may be the only negative CTE alloys in the world, but they also play nicely with other materials. The athermalization of your application can be tuned specifically to your desired parameters by combining ALLVAR Alloys with other materials and components. This property provides designers and engineers with the ultimate flexibility and creativity to innovate, advancing traditional design methods  in new directions.  

ALLVAR Alloys can improve applications, workflows, and known technologies. The ALLVAR Team is here to provide their engineering expertise and support as you uncover new and exciting ways to change the world around you. Our team of material scientists and engineers works closely with our customers and collaborators to ensure that they have the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about ALLVAR Alloys. 

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Negative Thermal Expansion Alloys from ALLVAR are the only metals that shrink when heated and expand when cooled. This is known as negative coefficient of thermal expansion (Negative CTE). ALLVAR Alloys are a unique solution to many problems caused by thermal mismatch properties. Our products are commonly used in optics, precision control, automotive, and energy applications.

Our alloys exhibit negative coefficient of thermal expansion, which minimize the damaging effects that extreme temperatures have on critical components over time. The Negative CTE alloys offer engineers a way to control or counter thermal expansion to create athermal products. This allows the instrument to maintain tight specifications over a longer period of time.

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