Thermal compensation washers now available with COTS item numbers!

Introducing ALLVAR Alloy 30 Thermal Compensation Washers for your toughest thermal challenges

At ALLVAR, our goal is to help innovators solve the most demanding thermal challenges. We’re making it easier to tackle the athermalization problem today. ALLVAR Alloy 30 thermal compensation washers are now a commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) ALLVAR product. These washers are ready to order.

Why ALLVAR Thermal Compensation Washers?

ALLVAR Alloy 30 washers and spacers are a simple solution to thermal mismatches. These constant force load washers:

  • Enable smaller, more compact, and lightweight structures
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy compliant bolts and flexures.
  • Enhance the longevity of your structures
  • Reduce concerns related to tight force-load margins due to varying operating temperature
  • Achieve more reliable joints for your applications.

Washer Size and Availability

Our initial selection of COTS negative CTE constant force washers includes sizes #2, #4, #6, and #8 washers. These chosen from the most requested sizes. The ALLVAR team is ready to help with your specific design if you need custom thickness spacers or other washer sizes.

See the complete washer specifications here. 

Applications for Thermal Compensation Washers

Our ALLVAR constant force load washers are tackling CTE mismatches across many industries. These include aerospace, energy, automotive, defense, medical, optics, academia, applied physics, and beyond.

Why choose negative thermal expansion ALLVAR Alloy 30?

ALLVAR Alloy 30 has exceptional properties:

  1. Negative axial Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of -30.0ppm/°C at room temperature.
  2. Positive CTE in the radial direction, comparable to Aluminum.
  3. Stabilizes mechanical force by compensating for expansion or contraction mismatches.
  4. Exhibits mechanical and material properties like other titanium alloys

Design Resources for ALLVAR Thermal Compensation Washers

We have resources to help you design with ALLVAR Constant Force Load Washers. Explore the following informative articles and guides for more information.

Thermal Compensating Washers for CTE Mismatch

Learn how to use negative thermal expansion ALLVAR washers or spacers to maintain a constant preload.

Design with Athermal Materials in SOLIDWORKS

Ready to get your hands dirty designing with ALLVAR Alloy 30? Request the material definition file on this page and follow the guide to model with ALLVAR Alloy 30.

Cryogenic Solutions for Thermal Expansion

A short article about ALLVAR Alloy 30 washer compensated joints in cryogenic environments

Introductory Guide to Tailored Thermal Expansion

Want to create a zero or tailored CTE Structure? Learn how to tune CTE by compensating positive CTE materials with negative CTE ALLVAR Alloy 30.

CTE Mismatch in Bolted Joints – Negative Thermal Expansion Washers offer a solution! 

Learn how to tackle CTE mismatch – one washer at a time – with this bolted joint simulation case study.

More Negative Thermal Expansion product details are available!

Looking to use negative CTE ALLVAR, but need something other than a washer or spacer, we have you covered. The new products page also offers round bar and tube, and custom components. A new form has been made to streamline the quoting process for washers, round bar and tube, and custom components.

Keep an eye out for more information! More products are on the way from ALLVAR. Be the first to know by signing up for our newsletter!

Procurement Improvements

We want to help ease the stress over stress. In response to valuable feedback from our customers, we’ve made a few key improvements to the procurement process:

  • Simplified procurement of negative CTE washers and spacers.
  • Reduced lead times.
  • Item numbers for purchasing departments to streamline the ordering process.

Explore Deeper with a ‘Lunch & Learn’ Session

If you’re intrigued by what ALLVAR offers but wish your team had a deeper understanding, consider scheduling a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session with us. We’re eager to present our pioneering technology and engage in a productive Q&A session. Contact us to book a session.

Ready to get your hands on thermal compensating ALLVAR Alloy washers?

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