Looking back and launching forward: 2023 YEAR-IN-REVIEW

2023 Year In Rewview Image. The Title reads 2023 year in review with images from the allvar team at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing, Mirror Technology days, and an image of work being done on the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

A Message from James A. Monroe, Founder & CEO

To Everyone Rooting For ALLVAR,

The ALLVAR team has been working hard in 2023 and is ready for a well-deserved break; however, before we leave for the holiday, I wanted to share our accomplishments over the past year.
biggest achievement internally has beenreinforcingour supply chain to provide stability and security. Not only have we drastically reduced lead times we have found strategic partners that share the same ethicsas the ALLVAR team. These relationships have givenus the confidence to increaseALLVAR Alloy production.  

This growth has enabled us to offer our Constant Force Washers for purchase on our website. In addition, we will be introducing new Lens Tubes for optic breadboarding early next year. Keep an eye out!

With the help of these sales, ALLVAR Alloy material revenue is projected to overtake SBIR contract revenue in 2024. This is a huge milestone for a startup with high-level technology and proves that ALLVAR is transforming into a sustainable business.

And last, but definitely not least, we received news that our Constant Force Washershave been integrated intothe Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, NASA’s next flagship telescope mission currently set for launch in 2026. This milestone will bring NASA flightheritage to ALLVAR Alloy 30.  

In closing, thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. Without your guidance, encouragement, and vision we would not be here, especially our suppliers who really came through for us in 2023! The ALLVAR team is very grateful to everyone makingthis growth possible.

We wish our customers, partners, colleagues, and friends a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and many success in the new year.

2024 is the 10th anniversary of ALLVAR’s founding. Let’s make it a GREAT year together!


James A. Monroe, Ph.D.
Founder and Materials Scientist 

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