1) Is ALLVAR a metal? – Yes.  ALLVAR is a titanium alloy.

2) Are there any elements in ALLVAR that are toxic, or could pose a health risk? No. The elements in ALLVAR Alloys are non-toxic. 

3) What is the available profile and size range of ALLVAR Alloys? 

Currently, we provide:

  • Solid bar up to 2 1/2″ round
  • Tube up to 3″ OD, depending on the wall thickness
  • Rod as small as 1/8″ diameter
  • Constant force-load washers for fasteners in temperature variant environments

4) Can it be machined? Yes.  ALLVAR Alloys machine like titanium.

5) Does it require further processing while being machined such as heat treatments or other special processes? No. Additional processing is not needed.

6) Are your materials magnetic?  ALLVAR Alloys have similar magnetic properties to other titanium-based alloys, which are generally considered non-magnetic.

7) Has ALLVAR been to space? No, not yet.

8) Is there concern regarding moisture content  or outgassing? Since ALLVAR Alloys are made of true metals, they behave like all other metals do in a vacuum. There is no moisture or other material component that would cause problems from outgassing.

9) Can it be welded?  Yes.  We have successfully welded ALLVAR to Ti-6-4 and other ALLVAR pieces.

10) What temperature range can ALLVAR operate in? ALLVAR operates from cryogenic temperatures to 100 °C.

11) Is it isotropic?  No.  ALLVAR is anisotropic, meaning if the bar shrinks in length, it will grow in the radial direction.  The growth is consistent and runs about 2 ppm/°C more than the shrinkage in the length.  For example, if the ALLVAR bar has a negative 30 ppm/°C in the length, it will have a positive 32 ppm/°C in the radial.

12) Does ALLVAR resist corrosion? ALLVAR is a titanium alloy and contain alloying elements that are comparable to titanium in regards to corrosion resistance.

13) Can you coat ALLVAR? We have never coated it ourselves, but we have been told it can be coated like titanium. 

14) Can you polish ALLVAR?  We have never polished it. But it will polish like titanium, which, we have been told, is a bit gummy.

15) What is its stability as a function of vibration/shock? While we have not studied this directly, we have never observed a change in CTE characteristics or performance during normal the normal handling experienced in a machine shop environment.

16) Are there hygroscopic effects? No.  ALLVAR does not absorb moisture from the surrounding environment.