Unobtanium Goes to Work!

By: J.A. Monroe Tackling Athermalization with negative thermal expansion The struggle to keep lenses in focus while withstanding temperature change is nothing new. As an

Unobtanium Has Arrived!

By: Amy Zelazny Do you have a problem maintaining the performance and structural integrity of your opto-mechanical design over a wide temperature range? Would a

ALLVAR wins NASA SBIR Phase II award

ALLVAR alloys has been awarded a NASA Small Business Innovative Research Phase II grant for “Ultra-stable ALLVAR Alloy Strut Development for Space Telescopes.” This NASA

ALLVAR awarded NASA SBIR Phase I Grant

NASA awards ALLVAR a SBIR Phase I grant for work in NASA’s focus area – Advanced Telescope Technologies. This will fund research designed to evaluate

Website Redesign

A lot has happened at ALLVAR in just a short time! While we’ve been continuously striving towards prototype development, the team realized that the old

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