ALLVAR Awarded SBIR Phase I Contract

Struts for Telescopes

College Station, TX, December 1, 2021 – ALLVAR, a materials startup that specializes in novel negative coefficient of thermal expansion (negative CTE) alloys, announced today that the company has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract to develop their negative CTE alloy for the benefit of optics applications in the Air Force. This Phase I contract will allow ALLVAR to connect and partner with Air Force stakeholders on applications that could benefit from the smaller, lighter, and streamlined design results made possible by ALLVAR alloys.

“We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to work with the Air Force. ALLVAR has been hard at work developing its novel negative CTE materials to help make optics perform at their best regardless of temperature. To date, our R&D has shown that we can make zero thermal expansion struts that benefit telescope and reflective optic systems. On the refractive side, ALLVAR can be used to make athermal systems in a smaller, lighter design than the current state of the art instruments.” said ALLVAR’s Engineering Manager, Jeremy McAllister.

“This Phase I work allows us to meet with Air Force stakeholders to better understand what developments they would like to see for optics applications. If selected for a Phase II, their research needs for implementing ALLVAR Alloy 30 could be met with significant SBIR funding. This really is a great opportunity, and we cannot wait to start engaging with stakeholders to discuss their applications!” said ALLVAR CEO and Founder, Dr. James A Monroe.

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ALLVAR (College Station, TX) founded in 2014 is a revolutionary metal manufacturer working to help compensate for and eliminate the detrimental effects of thermal expansion in a variety of applications. Negative Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ALLVAR Alloys enable size, weight, and cost reduction of fixed-focus optics that must perform under extreme temperatures. These alloys also reduce thermal stress in assemblies, maintain a constant force load in shifting temperatures, and maintain thermal stability in extreme environments. From washers to ultra-stable struts to custom designed spacers and components, ALLVAR’s novel, patented alloys will revolutionize the way high-performing, thermally sensitive products are developed.

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