Meet ALLVAR at the 2023 SPIE DCS Conference in Orlando

Don’t miss the chance to see ALLVAR in action at booth #527 during the SPIE DCS conference! Learn more about our innovative Negative Thermal Expansion materials and how they can improve your next project.

To schedule a meeting with our team during the DCS conference, please use our Calendly tool, linked below. We’d love to discuss how ALLVAR’s materials can take your projects to the next level.


Introducing ALLVAR Alloy 30 SolidWorks Material Definition: Simplify Your Design Process

Design with Athermal Materials in SOLIDWORKS

In addition to showcasing our innovative products at booth #527, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our SOLIDWORKS material definition file created specifically for ALLVAR Alloy 30. This file includes key material properties, such as yield stress, ultimate tensile stress, elastic modulus, density, and Poisson’s ratio, making it easier than ever to design with our material. Please note that SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium is required for nonlinear static and dynamic analysis.

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Explore ALLVAR's Revolutionary Products and Applications

Don’t forget to check out our sales sheets for ALLVAR’s Ultra Stable Struts, NTE Spacers for Optics, and Constant Force-Load Washers. These materials can enhance performance and stability across a range of applications, from spacecraft to augmented reality systems.

Keep Up with the Latest in Negative Thermal Expansion

We’re excited to showcase our groundbreaking negative thermal expansion materials and connect with industry leaders like you. Don’t miss the chance to connect with ALLVAR and stay up to date with the latest in Negative Thermal Expansion technology. Don’t forget to follow ALLVAR on our LinkedIn page, check out our YouTube page, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest news and events! As a team of passionate material scientists and engineers, we would love to connect and answer any questions you may have about our revolutionary material. We can’t wait to see you at the SPIE DCS conference at booth #527!



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