The wonder of Space.  As we humans strive to unlock the mysteries of our universe through space exploration, new challenges await at every turn.  Many of the current challenges are caused by the unique environments space systems encounter from extreme heat, to extreme cold, to radiation.  

ALLVAR Alloy is Titanium based metal that offers light weight, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties found in a Titanium Alloy.

A NTE (Negative Thermal Expansion) down to -30 ppm / ℃ passively functioning in operating environments from 100℃ to Cryogenic offers optics designers a powerful new weapon to combat the effects of thermal expansion and contraction during thermal cycles in Space.

ALLVAR alloys are A Non-Porous METAL alloy capable of withstanding the rigors of space launch, and the  potential bombardment of radiation.

ALLVAR alloy’s light-weight, passive solution to thermal expansion problems means it can eliminate the need for elaborate heating and cooling mechanisms . . . lightening the load . . . saving money.

Thermal expansion of mirror hardware causes stress and performance issues.  Could ALLVAR alloy’s solve this problem?

Thermal expansion also causes problems for Infrared and Standard Optics designs. Could ALLVAR alloy be the solution?

What will you do, and where will you go with our Negative CTE Metal?

Welcome to our world below Zero.