Energy and Petrochemical

The Energy and Petrochemical industries are constantly battling with the effects thermal cycling has on valves and pumps in a variety of applications.  Harsh environments, high pressures, and drastic temperature cycles are challenges when trying to keep a line sealed and safe. What if there was a simple washer or seal ring that could help?

ALLVAR Alloys may offer a solution in these harsh, ever-changing operating environments.

ALLVAR Alloys are the only metals in the world that shrinks when heated, and expands when cooled.  This means it does the exact opposite of any other metal.  

A titanium alloy, ALLVAR Alloy offers a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) down to -30 ppm/°C at 20°C and has working temperatures from cryogenic to 100℃. 

Like other Titanium Alloys, it is lighter weight, non-corrosive, and has mechanical properties in line with what you would expect from a Titanium based metal.

What could this mean for Petrochemical and Energy industries?

Could Allvar be used as a spacer, seal ring, or washer in Cryogenic applications if it is expanding when everything else is contracting?  Could it solve those pesky leaks, reducing down-time, enabling a safer work environment, and saving money?

What problem will you solve with a Negative CTE metal?

Welcome to our world below ZERO.

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